Castel Innovative Technologies
Our company is set out to help modernize the jewellery manufacturing industry. We have started with the wax department which is the most intensive manual labour resource in the casting department. We developed an automatic wax injection machine that cuts production costs by a factor of six when each machine with one operator replaces six workers. The capacity produced daily in a nine hour shift is over three thousands wax patterns. Not only does this save labour costs but it also improve wax quality due to our state of the art pressure sensor which resolution is100 times higher than anything on the market. more shortens time to market and enables production of big quantities in a short time.
We developed and are selling three models of this machine. For more information look under product
We are currently engaged in the development of three more machines each in a different aspect of jewellery manufacturing and hope to keep on surprising our world with new innovations each year.

Intellectual Property

A patent for our technology was approved.






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