Efficiency :

The Etype 1.0 can produce over 3,000 wax patterns a day (This is for two parts rubber mold with up to 5 seconds injection time)


Although we do not supply the injectors we install on them our pressure sensor that measures in one millibar resolution. Most of other injectors measures in 100 millibar segments. Our state of the art pressure sensor enables the production of an almost perfect wax pattern and eliminates cleaning by a factor of ten.

Time to market:

Because our machine produces waxes so fast our customers can produce an order much faster than by manual labor and hence save capital invested in raw materials and have the advantage of offering a much shorter delivery time.

Management control:

Our machines are equipped with a powerful industrial computer (PLC). Except the fact that you can store there over 3,500 rubber molds parameters it enabled us to add management tools. The first is an order system. You can type in or download an order for a specific rubber and a specific quantity ordered. When the order is completed the machine will take this rubber mold out of production automatically. The second tool is that the machine can display work in progress at the punch of a button. The machine will tell you if there is an order for this rubber mold and what is the quantity produced in real time. The third attribute is that the forman or manager can see all that in his back office computer.

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