Automatic wax injection models

We have three models for the Etype series namely Etype 1.0 Etype 1.1 and Etype 4.1 

Etype 1.0
Etype 1.0 is the basic machine, it has one injector and and a standard station. A standard station can inject rubber molds that are of the same width normally 1 7/8 " or 4.76 mm but can be built for any size but only one size. Another limitation is that the sprue hole must always be in the same exact place. The reason for these restrictions is that the standard station moves only in one direction, toward the injector and back. The length and the height of the rubber mold can differ. 

Etype 1.1
Etype 1.1 serves also one injector but it has an intelligent station. This machine can inject different sizes of rubber molds and the sprue hole can be anywhere. This is achieved by two motors that move the station up and down and sideways so this machine is more versatile but about 10% slower.

Etype 4.1 

Etype 4.1 operates 4 injectors in a line. It has three standard stations and one intelligent station. it has an additional conveyor we call a returning coveyor that brings the rubber molds back from the remote injectors that are far from the stripping table.

We can manufacture any other combination of number of injector on a line with any mix of our stations

Machines come without injectors, instead we give the choice to install on our machine our customers injectors or one of our own injectors. 

Etype 1


Etype 4




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