About us
Short history

Castel- Tech is a spin off of Castel Casting. Some five years ago we received a business proposition to buy an existing casting workshop. Although we are in different aspects of the jewellery trade for many years (since 1976), during the visit we made we were astonished to find out that the old manual "primitive" work methods still exist in this casting workshop. We made up our mind to find out what has been developed in the world and the next thing we visited the trade fairs in Vicenza and Basel. To our great surprise we found out that almost nothing has been changed since the 70's.
We decided on a two course plan, the first was to acquire or start a casting workshop and use it as a beta site for the development of new innovative technologies in general for the Jewellery manufacturing sector and in particular for the casting workshops. So, some four years ago we turned to solve and improve the most labour intensive activity in the workshop- the wax pattern production.
We drew out a block diagram of how the automated production line should look like, and determined a three stage development program. Each of the machines that we produced was tested vigorously for almost a year and all problems found during these periods were rectified until the machine was ready for its last configuration. So, after four years of development and working the machines at our own workshop we decided to show it to the world and get everybody to enjoy its benefits.
We have at the moment four new projects, some a further development of the automated production line and some further innovations on the casting shop floor and others in other operations in the jewellery manufacturing scope.




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